Fluna Tec Gun Coating oil




Fluna Gun Coating is a ceramic high performance coating for all kinds of firearms and knives. Despite its extreme lubricating properties Fluna GunCoating is free of residue. It forms an invisible, dry film on the weapon and increases the gliding properties of moving weapon parts. Hard, metallic sounds of rubbing parts – such as e.g. rifle locks – are reduced considerably. Fluna GunCoating forms a firm unit with the surface, does not run off and is thus a long-lasting protection against corrosion. Fluna GunCoating can be applied on all surfaces such as steel, plastic, polished wood, gold and silver ornaments, colour case hardenings, cast and rubber. Fluna GunCoating smoothes out microscopic cracks and striae and permanently the treated surfaces polishes. Wear is thus reduced to a minimum, gun efficiency increased. Fluna GunCoating is already effective at first application– also in case of older weapons!

  • Suitable for knives and all kinds of firearms
  • Can be applied on every surface
  • Transparent, no-residue, non-greasy coating
  • Very good gliding properties, long-lasting effect
  • Resistant to salt and fresh water, economical in use
  • High temperature resistance from -40°C to +750°C
  • No formation of resin, no gluing together, colourless and odourless
  • Simplifies cleaning of weapon